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Build the exact catalog you want. Efficiently.

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CourseLeaf (CAT) takes your catalog online to streamline how you update, edit and publish your academic catalog. Learn More

CourseLeaf CIM improves how new and existing courses and programs are modified, tracked and approved – everything from proposers to curriculum committees to publication. Learn More

CourseLeaf Section Scheduler revolutionizes how colleges and universities determine when to offer their sections and class offerings each term – everything from inputting, editing, validating, approving, and updating the course offerings. Learn More

Leepfrog User Conference 2015

We are proud to hold our 4th annual Leepfrog User Conference on Feb 25-27th! More than 40% of our clients came last year to discuss capabilities and plans for our CourseLeaf catalog, curriculum, and section scheduling software.

Degree Works

Learn how CourseLeaf helps update DegreeWorks by generating Scribe code!

Banner Integration

Learn how CourseLeaf updates Ellucian Banner with approved course information from your curriculum process.



Leepfrog custom tailors CourseLeaf to what is right for you with our extensive customization offerings. Read More



CourseLeaf takes your catalog and update process online, consolidating efforts to an easy, browser based solution. Read More



Eliminate the need to format for printing with CourseLeaf’s powerful one-click PDF generation. Read More



Setting permissions is a breeze with multiple user roles and integration with your LDAP or SSO system. Read More



CourseLeaf Curriculum Management takes the process online, making updating your SIS course data easy and efficient. Read More



Increase accuracy and validity with CourseLeaf’s integrated Accuracy Reports, flagging courses and errors between your catalog and SIS. Read More