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Sharpen your site search

From your web visitor's perspective, FocusSearch is just another search engine for quickly and easily finding information on your web site. But from your perspective, it enables you to become much more involved in the search process, enhancing your existing site search and making sure that your visitors get the information that you want them to have.


  • Direct users to preferred pages: The converse of the above situation, sometimes there are web pages that you always want to be associated with a certain keyword, but don't necessarily contain that keyword or do not appear in the top search results. You can flag certain web pages to show up whenever somebody types in a certain keyword.
  • Track Keyword Searches: Want to know what your site visitors are looking for? Definitely. FocusSearch will show you the top 50 most sought after keywords on your system. This and other reports link into the Custom Search Results engine, allowing the administrator to quickly setup custom search results for popular keywords.
  • Simple Integration: Inserting a single line of code into your existing search page gives you the added control that FocusSearch offers.