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Our Expertise

Over the years, we've had the privilege to work in many different industries. More recently, our expertise with Academic Catalogs for Colleges and Universities has been our focus. Our CourseLeaf product allows university registrars and other campus staff maintain their entire Academic Catalogs in an easy to use and flexible interface.

Leepfrog strives through first hand experience by multiple direct access approaches: 

  1. Customer Software - clients are paired with actual developers, who address important work-flow issues, security concerns and other "back-end" issues. This enables us to offer a higher standard of quality and communication.
  2. Tech Support - when calling support at Leepfrog, our clients are received by an actual human being who immediately routes them to somebody who can help.
  3. Managed Hosting - If something should go wrong with any part of your system, we can repair it before it has an impact on your mission critical applications.
  4. Consulting - We're here to answer your internet questions with a comprehensive assessment and response from experience people, without a further obligation to purchase Leepfrog solutions.

Read more about CourseLeaf, and learn why so many Colleges and Universities choose Leepfrog.