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Our Process

At Leepfrog, our natural reaction to any problem is to solve it. Over 20 years of solving problems specific to web technology has made us one of the most experienced software development companies around. How do we continue to be successful when technology seems to change every minute? Our process is simple: Build quality products that solve problems, then look for other places that solution is needed. This mentality has not only enabled Leepfrog to produce products to the highest standards, but has also allowed us to work with a diverse set of clients, in a varied number of industries.

To make sure we provide our utmost service, Leepfrog has a series of phases we go through to make sure every project is ideal for the client:

  1. Estimate/Examination - Leepfrog will provide a rough estimate of the project, based on what we perceive the challenges and deliverable product to look like.
  2. Design/Discovery/Intake - the design phase is used to lock down the requirements of the project.
  3. Implementation - the client pays one-third of the cost of the software, and Leepfrog works collaboratively with the client to develop the software to the evolving requirements based on the design document
  4. Maintenance - refreshing any part of the project to meet the client's needs

To find out more about Leepfrog, feel free to contact us or read more about how we got started.