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Distributed authorization

Andigo provides a fast, easy way to allow verified users to access your web interface to discussion boards – without requiring creation of an account. By leveraging existing databases of users, your visitors can quickly customize their environment and immediately participate in discussions without the hassle and expense of account maintenance.

Single Source Sign-On

Andigo provides a single sign-on for messaging systems, but can leverage sign-ons from any compatible system, not just one vendor's. By configuring avenues of trust, users can leverage their existing, common sign-ons to access your identity-based resources.

Stop Identity Theft

Andigo not only prevents password harvesting by automatically generating a unique key for each service, it blocks cross-site scripting attacks by using a combination of cookie and unique PIN when requesting access. The cookie does not appear in referrer logs and the PIN is unknown for cross-site scripting attacks – two of the most common ways that users have their electronic identity stolen.

Different Trust Levels

When accessing a resource, an Andigo visitor is prompted to indicate the level of “trust” that the website should be given. For example, a visitor could supply a read-only PIN in order to prevent the website from making posts under the visitor's identity, or a restricted-access PIN so that the website can not access restricted-permission resources using the visitor's credentials.

Performance Enhanced

After logging in, an Andigo visitor has their authentication processes efficiently handled, resulting in a near-zero overhead for identity verification tasks.