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Position Title: Project Implementation Manager
Location: Iowa City, IA
Reports to: Director of Operations
Status: Full-Time with benefits

Leepfrog Technologies' CourseLeaf software is used by over sixty of the nation's most academically complex universities to manage their online academic catalogs and curriculum processes. The Project Implementation Manager is primarily responsible for managing the workflow of the project team. A successful incumbent will achieve implementation objectives by strategically evaluating, planning, scheduling, and executing projects according to predetermined timeline and budget. They will serve as an advisor to internal departments and seek solutions to allocation issues while maintaining the highest client satisfaction.


  • Maintain an in-depth working knowledge of Leepfrog software and how it can be configured, customized and implemented to meet client requirements.
  • Develop deep understanding of client needs for their catalog and curriculum requirements, and be able to then interpret into goals and requirements for internal staff.
  • Create work standards for project; establish and define roles and responsibilities, specific outcomes, and clear measures for quality and success of the project team.
  • Monitor and report on progress of the project to all stakeholders by communicating regularly with internal departments and clients on status and project implementation issues to ensure currency and accuracy.
  • Efficiently allocate incoming requests to the project team, prioritizing actions and monitoring team resources so that deadlines are met.
  • Creates a forum and format for ongoing open communication within functional area or among departments. Addresses delicate situations and handles conflicts in such a way as to maximize opportunity and minimize exposure to risk.
  • Maintain effective customer service relationship with CourseLeaf clients.
  • Use discretion to effect timely solution of problems in order to ensure client satisfaction and quality implementation.
  • Prepare and complete action plans; implementing production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards.
  • Review, identify, and communicate project progress through continuous assessment and feedback to sustain client satisfaction.
  • Identify and troubleshoot issues, and collaborate with internal staff based upon capabilities of CourseLeaf and the contractual agreement(s) with client. Negotiate and implement interventions as needed to achieve project outputs.
  • Help identify and define application enhancements based on client requests throughout the implementation process.
  • Coordinate documentation when needed; arrange for customer training.
  • Monitor Implementation Team to ensure they are meeting client expectations by:
    1. Troubleshooting and resolving technical problems.
    2. Researching, reporting and correcting quality assurance issues.
    3. Coordinating resources to ensure project satisfaction within contractual obligations.
  • Coordinate with Client Services Team to determine post-implementation hand-off.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

Skills Required

  • Excellent oral and written communication: clear, concise, professional oral communication. Able to communicate across a wide range of internal and external audiences with tact and diplomacy.
  • Strong client orientation: ability to understand client requirements and translate them into configuration and customization options/plans.
  • Leadership: a demonstrated ability to lead people and get results through others.
  • Planning: an ability to think ahead, prioritize, and plan over a 3-9 month time span.
  • Change Management: build commitment and overcomes resistance; prepare and support those affected by change; monitors transition(s) and evaluate results.
  • Time Management: the ability to organize and manage multiple priorities.


Bachelor’s degree preferred; or five years related experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience. A minimum of four years of project management experience required, with a PMP certification strongly preferred. Three years of customer support experience strongly preferred. A high level of Internet literacy required with strong knowledge of web systems, tools and applications. Experience with software applications, JavaScript, and SQL is preferred.

Physical Requirements

Generally, the Project Implementation Manager position is considered sedentary.

Leepfrog Technologies has been creating web applications for over 18 years and utilizes a diverse Windows and Linux development environment.

To be considered for the Project Implementation Manager, please send your cover letter and resume to Leepfrog's Human Resources Department at

Leepfrog Technologies
2105 ACT Circle
Iowa City, IA 52245