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FAFSA Reliable E-mail Delivery

In 1997 Pearson Government Solutions created FAFSA on the Web. This tool enabled students to apply for federal student aid through a secure and easy Website, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This visionary new software slashed the FAFSA’s paperwork and processing time. As a result it cut their costs and accelerated the application process for students.

Reliable e-mail is critical to FAFSA on the Web. Missing e-mail generally tends to inspire support calls, which in turn reduce the cost effectiveness of the Web project. That’s why FAFSA on the Web requires a highly reliable e-mail delivery service that can be depended on to communicate with the millions of students applying for federal student aid online.

The Solution

Working through Pearson, Leepfrog sends out e-mail to students who use FAFSA on the Web. In all, we send out 20 million e-mails per year, millions per month, for the Department of Education. E-mail has replaced significant portions of the Department of Education’s paper based system at a fraction of the cost. The e-mail we send provides students with information about their application and application status, such as:

  • Updating them about their financial aid status.
  • Notifying them about current activity with their records.
  • Informing them about how to access their online account.
  • Providing student loan renewal reminders.
  • Providing general information regarding their account.

Leepfrog's LegendMail has the flexibility to meet the volume requirements of FAFSA on the Web. Whenever a new cycle kicks off, FAFSA needs to contact every single student within a brief 3 day period. Our system sends out millions of e-mails within a brief period of time with some of the highest reliability in the world.

The e-mail reliability also comes with a back-up plan for the occasions when e-mail is not successfully delivered. We provide FAFSA with a complete history of their delivery attempts. Sometimes students call in for support because they never got their e-mail. In such cases, FAFSA can track the e-mail, and read the “bounce” message. With that information, they can help the student troubleshoot why the delivery failed.

Leepfrog is able to provide Pearson and FAFSA on the Web with high quality and competitive e-mail service. Our e-mail service is cost competitive and among the most reliable in the world. Spam complaints are handled quickly and professionally. We provide searchable reports that enable FAFSA to track down delivery information in order to better serve their users. Our services are highly customizable. We customized our software to work well with Pearson’s mainframe, allowing shortcuts on the mainframe side of things.