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Washington University in St. Louis

In 2010, Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) launched their on-line Bulletin using the CourseLeaf software.

WUSTL provided their own graphic design for both the web and print layout, which Leepfrog installed into CourseLeaf. Specific behavior -- a tabbed overview of departments that still printed as a single page -- was coded by Leepfrog to WUSTL's specifications. An innovative navigation structure was developed that encourages students to cross-browse between majors, and that overall concept has been incorporated (with WUSTL's permission) into many other school's catalogs.

Like most Universities, WUSTL required extensive customization of CourseLeaf in order to get the exact catalog they wanted, all of which were performed by Leepfrog without any additional costs.

WUSTL uses WUCRSL, a sophisticated home-grown SIS system, to manage their course inventory. However, WUCRSL does not support extended characters such as smart quotes, em-dashes, accented characters, and italic book titles, all of which were important to the professional feel of the bulletin. Leepfrog deployed its Data Polish tool to help get the best of both worlds -- accurate course information from the SIS combined with professional and readable formatting. The next cycle, the Reconciliation process within the Data Polish tool ensured that the work done the prior cycle was not lost, while accommodating updates pushed to the bulletin from WUCRSL.

As mutual InCommon members, authentication between WUSTL and CourseLeaf using Shibboleth was a breeze. However, InCommon did not have accessible attributes to be able to handle the specific types of authorizations needed for catalog production. Leepfrog developed and deployed a user provisioning tool which, in conjunction with InCommon, allowed WUSTL catalog editors to precisely control access and roles within the catalog.

In their prior print versions of the bulletin, WUSTL had an innovative way to present a sample play of study to students, combining course sequences that spanned a fall and spring semester. Original done to conserve printed space, the compact form allowed the students to more effectively get a sense of the feel of the requirements. Leepfrog customized not only the formatting of this style of course plans, but also applied those rules automatically to content that the departmental authors entered, making the plans extremely easy to maintain.

The impact of the overall project was significant. WUSTL moved from an 600-page online PDF to an easy-to-use, student-friendly web site. Use of the Bulletin increased dramatically compared to the prior year, and the content was more clear, more useful, and more accurate. Content within the Bulletin was used in other systems on campus, most notably a "choose a minor" tool which leverages the minor program information content automatically from the Bulletin.

In 2011, WUSTL was upgraded to CourseLeaf 3, and all of the customizations were updated by Leepfrog as part of the upgrade process and covered under the maintenance contract.