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Banner Bridge

CourseLeaf integrates tightly with Banner – using the data in your SIS as a system of record while extending robust editing capabilities to your users. The software regularly performs accuracy checks to ensure the data in CourseLeaf matches the data in Banner.

  • Import Data – CourseLeaf takes an export from Banner to retrieve relevant information for the catalog and curriculum process. CourseLeaf CAT imports current course data, and CourseLeaf CIM goes further, importing historical course data. CourseLeaf then accesses that information on an ongoing basis. This allows changes in the Banner data to auto-populate throughout the catalog. With CourseLeaf, there is no need to search and replace every course that changes.
  • Verify Data – CourseLeaf checks that information presented in the catalog is consistent with the information in Banner. Information that is inconsistent between the catalog and Banner will be flagged in red boxes by CourseLeaf to allow users to reconcile the discrepancy.
  • Summarize Errors in Data – CourseLeaf can generate Accuracy Reports for each section of the catalog as well as the entire catalog. The report can be customized to check for particular information relevant for your institution.
  • Export Data via API – CourseLeaf exports data via an Application Programming Interface to prepare information to go back into Banner.

We provide a program for a Data Bridge to Banner that can update Banner with course changes approved in CourseLeaf through your curriculum process. It transforms approved course information into the appropriate form to update the Banner data tables. The Bridge is an interactive process that is run in the Banner environment. Most fields, but not all fields, can be updated through this program. Note: we work with your staff through this process to ensure a smooth hand-off and technically secure process.