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CourseLeaf Catalog

CourseLeaf Catalog (CAT) is a proven, comprehensive Catalog Management System with a powerful native workflow engine. It is specifically designed to manage processes for colleges and universities by incorporating flexible workflows with easy data entry and editing capabilities.


Tightly integrate course information back to your SIS for a more accurate catalog. The software will compare and flag errors, and provide a summary report. Use the point and click interface to create and modify tables. And manage your boilerplate text once, then share it many places.


Automate your workflow to manage who participates in content creation, when they participate, and how they participate - so the most appropriate people are involved with each section or subsection of the catalog. Status reports let you stay on top of the process to meet your deadlines.


Color-coded changes from prior versions make it easy to see what has been changed, and who made the changes. Easily archive the final version for quick reference next time. Then publish it straight to the web, mobile, tablets, or PDF ...and generate your print on demand immediately, so no more InDesign.