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CourseLeaf Curriculum

Managing your program and course updates can be a complicated process, involving lots of back and forth, paper, and inconsistent information. The CourseLeaf Curriculum (CIM) module revolutionizes your curriculum by taking the update process online.

The software will import course information from your student information system, provide customized pre-populated forms for authors, automatically create workflow without human intervention, identify all impacted courses by a proposed change, track edits and comments, report on status, generate customized PDF files on demand for committee meetings, and will assist in automatically updating the student information system at the end of the process. The CourseLeaf Curriculum and CourseLeaf Catalog software work together to automatically update all catalogs with approved course, program, and student information system data.

It's as easy as Propose - Manage - Share!


CourseLeaf CIM takes the process and forms online, pulls information from the SIS, and shows the impact on departments.


CourseLeaf CIM creates the "right" workflow automatically. Users can see edits made via an easy to see color-code and can easily approve or roll back for further edits. CourseLeaf CIM tracks the status of your changes and includes powerful reporting functionality.


CourseLeaf CIM generates templates for Committee discussion automatically. The software exchanges information with the catalog and can update the SIS once approved.

How Can CourseLeaf CIM Help?

Eliminate The Paper Trail

Don’t waste paper and time; CourseLeaf Curriculum takes the process online. Authors can propose a new course, modify an existing course, or delete a course. Everything is managed online - users can propose course changes and conduct all review and approval steps within their web browser.

Create Forms On The Fly

CourseLeaf Curriculum will customize the forms for course changes and proposals to match your current paper format, and dynamically modify the form, in real time, to streamline the data fields. Have your own forms to use? CourseLeaf Curriculum allows you to create your own forms on the fly. CourseLeaf Curriculum eliminates the paper trail, and assures that forms follow a consistent format in all departments and course levels.

Totally Integrated Automation

CourseLeaf Curriculum automatically identifies and displays all departments, program requirements, and courses in the Ecosystem that are affected by a change. The software pulls necessary data from your student information system and catalog automatically.

Workflow That Works For You

The software will automatically recommend a workflow for each course without requiring any human intervention. Administrators can always create and adjust workflows on their own. We work with the university during implementation to determine what rules and logic are used to create the correct workflow for a course, and we customize CourseLeaf to fulfill your school’s needs.

Any change request goes through the workflow electronically. Benefits include automatic notification, easy editing and review tools, and the ability to accept, reject, and archive all changes. Administrators and authors are kept up-to-date on the status of all proposed courses and course changes throughout the process.

Extensive Customization

Extensive customization options set Leepfrog apart from all other online catalog and curriculum software. Leepfrog will work with you to tailor the software to your specific needs.

Stay Informed

CourseLeaf keeps you in the know. The software tracks all edits and comments via green/red color-coding so you can easily see what has changed. Need to know what changed from last year's catalog? CourseLeaf makes this easy by archiving all changes and edits for later review.

Unmatched Reporting Functionality

CourseLeaf Curriculum tracks the status for all courses in process and provides breakouts for detailed review. The software creates reports that can be sorted by the type of course, type of modification, owner, approval status, and more. Importantly, CourseLeaf Curriculum works in tandem with the CourseLeaf Catalog by highlighting courses currently proposed for modification and identifying which departments, prerequisites, and requirements will be affected by a proposed change.

Plays Well With Your SIS

CourseLeaf Curriculum is designed to eliminate the need for duplicate data entry. CIM can update your student information system directly