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Data Polish

Information stored in SIS databases is usually not stored in a format that is consistent with being presentation-ready for an audience. The data often needs to be reviewed for uniformity like italics, extra words, slashes or dashes between words, missing words, and so forth.

CourseLeaf solves this problem by “remembering” what “tweaks and fixes” a user made last time the SIS exported data out for use in the catalog, and giving the user the option of keeping the polished version instead of letting that content be over-written by the new SIS data re-import. We believe this capability to be unique in the catalog management solution arena.

The DataPolish capability becomes particularly powerful when used in conjunction with CourseLeaf’s ability to generate print-on-demand PDF files that are re-formatted on the fly. This means that any errors found in the SIS during the catalog process can be changed, updated, and published to the web or printed in high-quality PDF output almost instantaneously.