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DegreeWorks Integration

Leepfrog is an Ellucian Collaborative Partner and CourseLeaf works very well with the Ellucian DegreeWorks degree audit software. Utilizing a CourseLeaf role of DegreeWorks, the DegreeWorks Scriber will be automatically notified via the standard CourseLeaf email engine when changes to program requirements have been submitted and approved. When the user clicks on the link in the notification email they will gain access to two powerful tools.


Showing underneath all of the different program requirements sections in CourseLeaf will be a “Show Scribestart” link. By clicking this link, the user will open a text box containing the Scribe code for the requirements being viewed. The Scriber will have the option to manipulate the scribe style and label counter to format the code for cutting and pasting into existing DegreeWorks code. If there is an aspect of the requirements that CourseLeaf cannot interpret, a warning message will be included in the text. This unique and powerful tool can save hours of coding when new programs are added.


Side-by-Side View of Program Requirements

When the user assigned to the DegreeWorks role uses the Review screen, they will be able to see the CourseLeaf version of program requirements in a split-screen view with the DegreeWorks requirements for the same program. This feature combines the easy-to-see red/green coding of changes in CourseLeaf with integration to the DegreeWorks system to let the Scriber know what they need to change.

In addition, useful reports can be generated from CourseLeaf such as “All Deactivated Courses” to keep degree audit managers informed of curriculum proposal activity.