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CourseLeaf Features


  • Leepfrog custom tailors CourseLeaf to what is right for you with our extensive customization offerings.
  • Leepfrog transitions your catalog to the web during implementation, noting and correcting errors and discrepancies between catalog data and your SIS.
  • Leepfrog support staff go above and beyond to make sure your catalog is the best it can be.


  • Effortlessly integrating your new system with your existing campus authentication systems in order to continue to use your existing account names and passwords.
  • Confidently delegating work to those who know it best, including assigning tasks to new authors while dealing with staff changes, knowing you have the tools to oversee the quality of their work whenever you choose.
  • Coordinating individual schedules—and monitoring the individual progress—of your authors at any time, online.
  • Enjoying an instant birds-eye view of the way every team member uses the system at every stage of your process, along with the tools and reports you need to direct each task whenever necessary.


  • Increase accuracy and validity with CourseLeaf’s integrated Accuracy Reports, flagging courses and errors between your catalog and SIS.
  • Leepfrog will identify and correct errors during our Implementation process.
  • Our software can update both the catalog and your SIS data, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.


  • CourseLeaf tightly integrates with your system, pulling data from your catalog and SIS.
  • CourseLeaf Curriculum Management takes the process online, making updating your SIS course data easy and efficient.
  • Integration with degree audit software provides accurate student data and allows students to know exactly what courses they need.


  • CourseLeaf features a powerful collaborative approval system, taking the entire update process online. Email notifications let the right person know when they have actions to take.
  • Setting permissions is a breeze with multiple user roles and integration with your LDAP or SSO system.
  • CourseLeaf will track, log, and archive all changes over the life of the catalog.


  • CourseLeaf streamlines the update process with author tools, using convenient color coding to display proposed and accepted changes to your catalog.
  • Update both your catalog and SIS from one program with our Data Bridge capability.
  • Eliminate the need to format for printing with CourseLeaf’s powerful one-click PDF generation.


  • CourseLeaf takes your catalog and update process online, consolidating efforts to an easy, browser based solution.
  • CourseLeaf’s enhanced Focus Search engine allows students and staff to find what they’re looking for and expands for detailed information.
  • CourseLeaf reduces the number of hours spent updating by 33%