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Online Catalog

CourseLeaf takes your catalog and transitions it to a student-friendly, searchable online catalog.

Online Management

CourseLeaf is entirely web-based. It uses an Internet-based environment for updating, managing and publishing content, allowing users to create and modify content directly in their web browsers. Workflow, editing controls, content generation, and publishing tools are all electronic. CourseLeaf links in real-time to the web-based e-catalog portal where administrators can generate and publish catalogs immediately after making content changes. Updates, additions and corrections can be viewed by the public immediately after the change has been made/approved.


CourseLeaf features on-demand PDF generation of all catalogs, with changes being immediately reflected in both online and PDF formats so University staff do not need to make style changes to the document, nor do they need to re-create the content into InDesign. The CourseLeaf software will quickly create the professional layout, formatting, table of contents, index, page numbers, and style guidelines for you. This allows you to continue to provide high quality PDF on demand with very little additional cost or effort.

Integrates with SIS

CourseLeaf tightly integrates with Student Information Systems, including Banner, PeopleSoft, and Datatel. CourseLeaf integrates in three main ways: by importing your SIS data, verifying that data with Accuracy Checks, and exporting finished catalog data back in to your SIS.


CourseLeaf features intuitive editing controls similar to word processing software. Changes made are immediately reflected in the catalog for review.


CourseLeaf is a proven, comprehensive Content Management System with a powerful native workflow engine. It is specifically designed to manage curriculum and catalog processes for colleges and universities by incorporating flexible workflows with easy data entry and editing capabilities. The system allows administrators to specify the workflow for each section of the catalog and the permission level for each participant in that workflow. This allows administrators to extend editorial capability out to departments while still maintaining central control.

Author Tools

CourseLeaf publishes content in WYSIWIG. Authors can see during editing exactly what students will see once published to the website. CourseLeaf uses a Content Management System which has all of the tools of a text editor with additional capabilities beyond that. Users have found it very easy to learn and use.

Customizing your Catalog

Leepfrog works with our clients to make customizable adjustments to the software to better work for your environment. We have made customizations at almost all of our clients, and made major modifications for many of them. CourseLeaf can match the overall look and feel of your site using style sheets, allowing you to change the visual presentation, fonts, colors, logos, navigation, etc.

Tracking Status

CourseLeaf's workflow engine provides catalog editors the information they need to publish a quality catalog in a timely fashion. CourseLeaf shows the status of every page within workflow, providing administrators a comprehensive view of the status of the catalog.


CourseLeaf will log and archive all versions of all catalogs over the life of all catalogs for a current and historical archive trail. The archiving can occur at any time and there is no limit to the number of archived versions produced.

Search Engine

CourseLeaf features a powerful search engine, Focus Search, that goes far beyond the capabilities of a standard search engine. Designed with students in mind, Focus Search utilizes a variety of search terms to deliver the content students want the first time they search.

Integrating Beyond Catalogs

CourseLeaf Curriculum Manager (CIM) takes the entire process on-line and integrates and builds on the CourseLeaf catalog software to provide a comprehensive tightly integrated Curriculum and Catalog product. Your Program and Course Approval processes will now be tightly integrated with both the catalog itself as well as your SIS.