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CourseLeaf Section Scheduler (CLSS)

CourseLeaf Section Scheduler (CLSS) streamlines how colleges and universities determine their class offerings each term - everything from inputting, editing, validating, approving, and updating the course offerings.

CourseLeaf Section Scheduler empowers staff to create prime time distribution, balance light time slots, and enforce accurate class enrollment for student success.

How can CourseLeaf Section Scheduler help?

Many schools have difficulty in scheduling course sections because departments schedule classes concurrently and don't coordinate across multiple departments and offerings, which limits student success and constricts classroom usage. CourseLeaf Section Scheduler lets departments plan and enter offerings while working within school scheduling rules to utilize resources effectively. CourseLeaf Section Scheduler has four major components:

Build Schedule

Departments can enter their planned course offerings electronically in an easy-to-use format. Registrars and departments can then see how the schedule is coming together in a clear visual format, with filters for easy review.

Validate Schedule

You can validate that departments have met your rules for planning their courses, such as what percentage of sections can be offered in 'prime time'. The rule sets are customized to your institution, so the software works for you.

Approve Schedule

CourseLeaf's workflow system lets you control and manage the process. You can approve exceptions by the departments across the entire schedule.

Publish Offerings

Once the schedule has been created, CourseLeaf Section Scheduler will generate a beautiful set of output formats including Web, XML, PDF, and ePub, available as standalone publications or integrated into existing published documents.

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