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Why Catalog Management Software?


Managing your program, course, and catalog updates can be a complicated process, involving lots of paper, back and forth, and inconsistent information. CourseLeaf streamlines your catalog update process from faculty proposing new courses through the entire process ending with final publishing. No more endless waits for content updates from different departments, and no more going back-and-forth to clarify content changes or updates. As a deeply customized solution, CourseLeaf focuses specifically on your institution’s unique needs, clarifying and streamlining your individual process to offer you a more timely, transparent, and efficient way to create your academic catalog.


CourseLeaf performs accuracy checks to compare catalog data to SIS data, greatly improving catalog quality. The software will compare and flag errors, and provides a summary report. The point and click interface allows you to easily create and modify tables. Furthermore, CourseLeaf allows you to manage commonly used "boilerplate" text once, then share it in multiple locations.

Engage Department

CourseLeaf's easy to use interface allows all members within a department to contribute to the catalog update process. With familiar editing tools and a powerful workflow engine, CourseLeaf encourages users to easily make updates and changes.

Lower Costs

CourseLeaf drastically reduces the catalog update process, saving time and money. Clients have reported significantly reduced costs after transitioning to CourseLeaf.

Earlier Publication Date

Publishing catalogs the old fashioned way takes too much time and resources. With CourseLeaf, clients have reported a reduced cycle time from beginning catalog editing through final publication of anywhere from 25-50%. CourseLeaf publishes to a variety of formats, including web, mobile, tablets, or PDF and generates print ready documents on demand, so no more InDesign.

Meets Student Needs

CourseLeaf provides a dynamic, engaging catalog that meets the needs of a diverse student population. Clients have reported increased student usage of online catalogs by 35% from pre-CourseLeaf to post-CourseLeaf implementation. While there are obviously many factors involved, we are confident CourseLeaf's superior features and usability greatly contributed to this increase.

Mobile Capability

CourseLeaf publishes to a variety of formats, including a wide range of mobile capability. Mobile style sheets use the exact same generated content as a website, except that presentation content changes to match your mobile style sheet. Further capability includes generating content specific to mobile devices, such as using the short name of a course in place of a long name. CourseLeaf publishes natively to Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android, Nook, and Sony Reader among others. Look at this website on a smartphone for an example!