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Our Technology

CourseLeaf is designed to work with most systems and machines. In short, our software plays well with others.

Hosting or Deployed Solutions

For hosted solutions, servers are housed at Leepfrog headquarters in Iowa City, Iowa. System uptime is guaranteed to 99.99%, with third-party auditing of data center availability going back more than ten years. Leepfrog performs disk to disk backups on a nightly basis, and at least two off site copies of system backups are kept as well. Backups are rotated offsite on a weekly basis and retained for 4 weeks. Leepfrog does not disclose the location of its offsite backups.

In addition, Leepfrog utilizes an offsite disaster recovery center located near Chicago, Illinois, roughly 200 miles from our production facility. Both primary and secondary facilities include redundant power, cooling and Internet access. We perform cold backup recovery tests onto fresh hardware twice per year, sourced from our offsite backups. We do not recover in a way that interferes with the production website and we test the recovery on a private network.

End-User Requirements

CourseLeaf is entirely browser based and does not require any additional software installed on the end-user's system.

Compatible Browsers

End users can access CourseLeaf with any browser without issues. Authors, editors, and administrators can use Internet Explorer and Firefox, among others.

Compatible Systems

CourseLeaf runs on most modern hardware platforms, and runs well in virtual operating system environments, virtual web hosting environments, and on a shared website with other applications. There are no framework dependencies. Both Linux and Windows have primary support; other UNIX variants (Solaris, Mac OS X) are also supported.