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Rapidly create web-enabled database applications.

DBLeaf automatically manages the back-end database details, making custom database applications fast and easy to create.

Query By Example

Quickly filter the database using DBLeaf’s automatically generated query-by-example search interface.  Set filters for URL arguments to allow the screen set to produce targeted results automatically.

Threaded Search Results

DBLeaf stays responsive even as hundreds or thousands of rows of data are loading.  As it searches the database, it displays items in the search results screen of its own thread.

Concurrency Control

Most databases experience difficulties when multiple users edit the same information at the same time.  Usually, the last user who saves overwrites the work done by the first user.  DBLeaf fixes this problem for you.  The system prevents collisions and concurrency issues when multiples users are editing the same information.  Concurrency controls are handled automatically, requiring no additional work from the team implementing the database.

Data Entry Controls

In addition to standard data types, DBLeaf handles a number of other data controls used in modern applications, including:

  • Encrypted passwords
  • Credit cards
  • World-wide locations
  • Emails
  • Related data fields
  • And more.

Data Protection

Fun-time requirements for database fields are easily specified, such as:  required fields, dates that must be in the future, or two date fields which must be in chronological order.  The validation code is automatically included in the applications.

Easy to Install

DBLeaf is designed for rapid, easy installation.  The system has its own implementation stack, requiring no complex run-time libraries or deployment environments.  Because DBLeaf does not require PHP,.NET, or J2EE, it can work well with your existing environmental at your existing version.  DBLeaf can either use your existing MySQL database servers or it can be implemented with its own embedded, zero maintenance database server.


Within a matter of minutes, DBLeaf can automatically generate standard database screens which can be extensively customized through Ajax interface hooks or through server-side customization hooks.  Because DBLeaf is a full screen tool and not just a code generator, customizing a DBLeaf application does not prevent the standard DBLeaf controls from being used in the future to modify the application.  Customizations coexist side-by-side with the DBLeaf application.

Workflow and Revision Control

DBLeaf is easy, fast, and helps you establish an orderly process when multiple people are building the database application.  It includes a full complement of powerful workflow tools with signoff requirements.  Each step along the way can have email and web interface hooks.  Administrators can get a bird’s eye view of revisions at every step of the workflow with a visual “track changes” screen.

DBLeaf can maintain a “staging” database and a “production” database, which do not have to be the same type of database.  Use the internal database as a working database or to update a legacy database at completion of workflow.