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The Smartest IM on Earth

How Smart?

InstantRapport is very smart. It's smart enough to coordinate team efforts so that contacts receive only as many conversations as they're comfortable with, while common difficulties (such as forgetting to log off during lunch break) are corrected. It's smart enough to respond to changing circumstances, such as altering the "talk to us" button to reflect contact availability. And it's smart enough to evaluate and act on known information, such as pairing site visitors with the right point of contact.

Easing the Workload

InstantRapport simplifies workload with a set of tools and information displays. Context friendly answers to Frequently Asked Questions are ready to send with the click of the mouse. Detailed visitor profiles and prior conversations also appear in the conversation window automatically, eliminating time spent gathering basic information.

Plays Well With Others

All of the above adds up to a smart instant messenger, a great visitor experience and a streamlined, efficient information center. But what makes InstantRapport the Smartest IM on Earth is the ease with which it integrates into existing software. When integrated into a portal, for example, a visitor may launch InstantRapport with the click of a button, and doesn't have to download anything. Through the portal, InstantRapport can display contact profiles and can draw information from the portal to display more visitor information to a contact.

As it draws more information from other applications, InstantRapport can better customize itself to a visitor's needs. For example, it can better pair contacts with visitors, or the contents of the FAQ answers can be automatically customized to match the visitors' preferences.

Learning and Adapting

InstantRapport can learn and adjust to recurring themes and patterns. It can improve itself over time and mold itself to your needs. For example, as it reviews conversation histories and discovers recurring themes, it can use that information to improve the FAQ list and suggest additions for web content.