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Responsible and reliable high-volume email delivery

LegendMail simplifies high-volume email delivery to opt-in contacts. With the ability to pull information from databases, it can also customize messages, giving each contact the most relevant information. And your email campaigns can be even more powerful by utilizing the expanded LegendMail Planner which can send email based on certain events or "triggers."

This system comes with a suite of easy-to-use features and services that ensure reliable delivery of large quantities of customized emails. No technical experience is required to use LegendMail.

No spam. Ever.

Leepfrog is one of the most reliable email delivery services in the industry, thanks in part to our very strict anti-spam policy: If the recipient thinks it's spam, it is. Because of this, our outbound email is whitelisted by many ISPs, so your legitimate email gets top priority.

Testing, Persistence, and Communication

Helping your mail find its destination takes all three. We test and audit major ISPs to make sure your mail gets through to them. We persistently re-send emails that should be going through, while refraining from re-sending "known bad" emails. And we keep you informed about the state of your email communications with detailed summary reports, so you can see how your investing is working.