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Fearlessly create fresh, branded content

PageLeaf is a web-based content management system (CMS) that helps you to keep web content up-to-date, and allows a wide variety of authors to create site content while maintaining a consistent look throughout the system. A team of central administrators is in charge of a site's policy and management to ensure that pages meet the quality standards for the organization.

Because PageLeaf content management system distributes the task of content management while centralizing content control, this enables your webmaster to focus on strategic information layout rather than data entry, ultimately leading to a website better organized to meet institutional goals. Learn about how PageLeaf empowers your webmaster with Editor Tools.

Distributed Content Management

Traditionally, large websites have been maintained by one or a few individuals. Interested parties passed content to the webmaster, who would then add it to the site. In this traditional scenario, the webmaster's time and expertise is squandered on basic data-entry.

PageLeaf transcends this scenario, empowering a large number of people to add content to your site. This frees up your webmaster's time to exercise his or her full range of skills to the overall benefit of the website.

PageLeaf's word processor style interface is familiar and accessible. So people who used to be removed from the content management process, due to technical inexperience, are now able to contribute to the site's content with minimal help.

When interested parties create content with PageLeaf, it does not go directly to the live website. Rather it is held in a staging area and is not published to the live website until the webmaster reviews and approves it. The webmaster may also grant certain individuals the privilege to bypass the staging area and add content directly to the live site.

Centralized Content Control

Many webmasters are trained to optimally use a website to help an institution meet its goals. Once a large variety of people are adding content, the webmasters can move beyond endless data entry to employing their skills in strategic web editing:

  • Reviewing content quality: To be a credible and helpful source of information your website's content must be current, accurate, and consistent. Content review is a huge part of the webmaster's job. The webmaster must continuously monitor your content and decide if it meets the overall strategic goals of the website. PageLeaf enables a webmaster to review and edit all incoming content before allowing it to be posted to the live site.
  • Content planning: Webmasters must decide what information to add and when to add it. As webmasters remove outdated information, they must be ready to replace it. They must also anticipate seasonal information changes and updates. Therefore a webmaster has to organize the content creators so that they have the appropriate information ready when it is needed. With PageLeaf the content can stay in the staging area until it is ready to be posted, so information can be created well in advance of when it is needed.
  • Planning flexible and intuitive navigation: Good navigation must be flexible enough to allow for new content (as in the above paragraph) and it must also be intuitively laid out so that site visitors can find information easily.