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Leepfrog Technologies Sustainability Policy

Leepfrog started as a small group of passionate people excited to provide web-based solutions to our clients. The value and importance of innovation is part of our DNA, which has driven our sustainability practices since the company’s founding in 1994. We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our business and help institutions meet their sustainability goals through our 100% web-based products.

At Leepfrog, we are committed to...

  • Providing digital solutions that promote sustainable practices through paperless systems and reducing campus waste
  • Responsible management of waste, energy efficiency, and water use in our business activity
  • Educating and incentivizing employees to make sustainable choices
  • Investing in technology and STEM Education initiatives that support women and under-served populations in our community

What we’ve done:

Since 1994 our focus on innovation has led us to adopt practices and create programs that benefit our employees, the community, and the environment. Our 2017 relocation to a new corporate office offered the opportunity to advance our sustainability initiatives within a new facility. We built our office adhering to LEED practices, excelling beyond local requirements to reduce our environmental impact.

In our open office environment, employees can propose new ideas and spearhead initiates to promote sustainability within our organization. They’ve started programs to further reduce our environmental impact, along with connecting us to community initiatives and local organizations promoting STEM education and women in technology.

We’re proud of our track record in reducing our carbon footprint, and as a member of the local community.

Energy Efficiency

  • Development of our corporate office using LEED practices.
    • Insulation R values exceeds local codes
    • Insulation pushed outboard of the framing improves performance
    • Sourced material contains no to low VOC content to improve air quality
    • Procured materials within a 500-mile radius
    • Recycled building materials when applicable
    • Low E coatings on all windows reduces solar gain
    • Roof color optimizes heat gain
    • HVAC economizers reduce energy required to temper air
    • Use of motion sensor LED energy efficient lights
    • Installed sunshades to reduce AC use
  • EnergyStar certified Appliances


  • Building site selected based on proximity to bus line and bike path access
  • On-site showers promote cycling/running/walking to work
  • Charging stations with free electrical charging to promote electric/hybrid car use

Waste Management

  • Communal eating area and café are stocked with Ceramic mugs, bowls, plates, and metal silverware for employee use
  • All disposable flatware on-site is compostable to eliminate landfill waste
  • Utilize composting service that diverts organic waste from the landfill
  • Accessible water refill stations to encourage reusable water bottles
  • All obsolete electronics are re-homed or recycled by a Responsible Recycling Certified facility

Water Usage

  • Designed our landscape using native plants and bioswales to eliminate the need for irrigation and manage water runoff.
  • Motion sensor sinks in all bathrooms conserve water
  • Faucet aerators in café and eatery limits flow and reduces water usage


  • Use environmentally-friendly Green Seal and ECOLOGO cleaning products
  • Workstation hardware is ENERGY STAR certified or exceeds ENERGY STAR specifications

Employee Programs

  • Continuing education program for tuition reimbursement, conference attendance, and professional exams and certifications for full-time employees
  • Annual educational benefit offers employees the opportunity to advance their knowledge and professional development
  • Invest in new employee training with participation in the Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training Program (260E)
  • Ongoing training equips our employees with the knowledge they need to succeed in their roles, and advance their lifelong learning
    • E-Learning Courses
    • Friday Frogger Training
    • On-Board Training
  • Tri-annual All-Hands meetings strengthen company culture and communicate corporate strategies and goals
  • New employee ambassador program aids transition, develops relationships, and promotes personal and professional development.

Community Investment

What we plan to do:

2022 Sustainability Strategic Goals

  • Continue the growth and development of CourseLeaf products to support institutions’ sustainable initiatives
  • Purchase carbon offsets for required air travel
  • Pursue ENGERGY STAR building certification
  • Utilize MidAmerican’s GreenAdvantage program to increase energy usage from renewable sources.
  • Source café produce from a local CSA program
  • Adopt the “Tiny Trash” program to promote recycling and waste diversion